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What is Wolfspyre Labs

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Atticus SkwirrelBane
Short Tails Rule
Evey Noblewise
princess peeveypants

That’s a really good question.

I suppose it depends on who you ask….

If you asked 🐶Evey, for example, She’d LIKELY say

It’s the place where she has to follow Dad around
So as to ensure that he doesn’t FEED SKWIRRELZ, discard FOOD that she CLEARLY could put to good use.
…. and of course… to remind him that her ice water needs refilling.

If, you asked 🐕Atticus, He’d probably tell you how much he loves his pack, and his sister.
He’d enumerate his multitude of hobbies…. he enjoys:

  • snuggling
  • eating
  • eating
  • naps
  • eating
  • chasing thrown treats
  • eating. ….

oh… and also:

  • Chasing 🐀 Rats

  • Attempting to eat 🐇 FUZZYTAIL FASTHOPPERZ

  • AVOIDING the 🦨 spicy squirrelz

  • Perpetually plotting the demise of the bane of his existence: